April barton founded Suite 303 in 95’

tucked away on the 3rd floor of the iconic Chelsea Hotel and has been cutting hair for over two decades without so much as a sign to lure outside customers. With original paintings adorning the walls, and no barber chairs, walking into Suite 303 is like stopping by to see a friend, and walking out with great hair. Suite 303 is the choice salon for music, film, and fashion. Suite 303 styles A-list celebrities like Matthew Modine, Adrien Brody, Jake Gyllenhaal as well as U2, Willie Nelson and Elvis Costello - to name a few. Artists are known to drop in with a piece of artwork or a few songs strummed on an acoustic guitar in exchange for a cut.

If you're an actor or a writer, the stylists at Suite 303 will read your script or listen to your music as a reference to create your individual style. "When I opened Suite 303 I wanted it to be a uniquely different in the experience and the way I did hair, I didn't want to cater to the masses," says Barton, "I needed that exclusive environment in order for us to grow as artists -- and we have. Now, we're on the ground floor at 7 Bond Street in NoHo continuing the magic.”

suite 303 creative space